So What’s The Answer?

Social distancing, sanitizing all high touch areas, and thermal scanning of all guests are just some of the items giving headaches to planners around the world. Positioning guests 6 feet apart reduces the viral load able to be transmitted but doesn’t afford an intimate wedding experience. While postponing is an option for some, for others time is of the essence. Perhaps there is significance to the chosen date (an anniversary or first date) or maybe there is a looming deadline to tie the knot. Whatever the case: you can still have your special day as long as you are willing to make some adjustments. The joy of tying the knot can still be had but it might not be the picture in your head. 

COVID Elopement in Dallas

COVID Compliant Weddings

Wedding professionals have had to adjust to new regulations by coming up with creative and out of the box solutions. Social gathering of  250+ people are still prohibited and such a high risk environment. Even limiting the number of guests to 50 people still poses risks. Virtual weddings, via video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom or Google Meets, could be the next best choice until social gatherings are once again the norm. Other new, creative options include: 

  • Micro weddings: For those wanting to still commemorate their chosen date, they can participate in a micro wedding. An intimate affair of select friends and family members who are chosen to witness the ceremony. With the limited number of guests in attendance, people are still able to maintain social distance and celebrate. Postponing the traditional reception until safer times, each guest receives a mini cakelet and other guests are invited to view the live streaming. 
  • Mini Wedding: More expansive than a micro wedding, this service includes a reception for up to 50 people. 
  • Elopement Packages offer an all inclusive treat for the couple including officiant, photographer, bouquet, cake, and champagne. 

Creative innovations and adaptability are the only way to produce COVID compliant weddings. Changing to outdoor venues, reducing guest count, using a sanitation team, eloping, and streaming ceremonies are just some of the ways people have adapted now.